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How to drive traffic from Facebook

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Here’s how to build your brand online and drive traffic from Facebook. Needless to say, you can get access of up to 2.3 billion users worldwide, realistically just 0.01% of this would be great. As Facebook is easily accessible and quite flexible for doing social media marketing, this platform will become your best friend. Facebook is one of the top social media platform used by businesses.

Make a business page on Facebook

You cannot promote your website by just using your personal profile. The very first task to do is to make a business page on Facebook. A business page lets you go further to drive traffic. Add a link of your website URL to your Facebook page. Share that link resourcefully in key areas. This will encourage your followers to check out your web page, which will lead you to more engagements, which will help you to grow your business. A Facebook business page is the easiest way to help you increase your brand awareness among audience.

Keep your presence strong

Just making business page is not enough to expand your business. Adding a call-to-action button to your FB page would be the logical next step. In order to make your page more visible, you have to keep your presence strong and continuous. Here’s how to add more value to your Facebook business page.

  • Add a short description.
  • Use descriptive keywords.
  • Complete your About section and make it effective to look at.
  • Describe your business in a way that the audience will easily understand what you are selling.
  • Feature other pages that are relevant to your business but do not list any competitors.

A strong presence will bring more traffic to your website.

Use original content

To standout from your competitors, you have to share original content. However, the content must be eye-catching with a lot to offer to the consumer. Sharing original and relevant content will boost your reputation to being knowledgeable and more trustworthy.

Interact with your audience

One of the best ways to drive traffic from Facebook is to interact with your audience. Interacting with your audience can help you in earning more trust and it will spread more awareness about your business. You can interact with your audience in numerous ways:

  • Take part in group discussions.
  • Add a “quick respond” option in your page.
  • Reply to your audience quickly.
  • Provide real information.

After this, your audience will find you reliable & trustworthy, helping you drive more traffic to your website.

Host contests for your audience

You can attract attention and create more engagement and increase brand awareness by hosting contests on Facebook. To encourage your audience to take part in any contest you have to announce good prizes to your audience. Your prize has to be relevant to your audience. Set a goal for your contest. Then choose a type, for example:

  • Photo contest
  • Refer-a-friend promotion
  • Like to win
  • Comment to win
  • Like and comment to win
  • Mad-libs style contest
  • Q&A contest
  • Crowdsource contest
drive traffic from facebook with contests

Use effective images

A picture is worth one thousand words!  – Henrik Ibsen

Images are the first thing a person notices in a post so it should be eye catching. Keep your image relevant and of a perfect size. Here you can know what should be the ideal size for your image.
Images are playing an increasingly important role on search engine optimization strategies. They can generate a lot of traffic to your website as they attract a lot of people.

Keep yourself engaged on Facebook

Another way to keep your audience engaged to your page is to be consistent. It will help you keep your audience attracted and attentive towards your page. Post frequently, keep yourself updated and- choose relevant things to post on a daily basis. There are so many competitors of yours on Facebook, so you have to be visible, and posting regularly will help you with that. Keep interacting with your audience. Share relevant content which will be helpful for your website.

Ask your friends to share your content

Your friends and your employees are the best sources to increase traffic to your website. Send an invite to your Facebook friends to like your page. Also, ask them to share your content on their timeline. It might help you in generating a few more leads and will also increase brand awareness. This provides the perfect outreach for your business to a wider range of the public. It also helps you to make more and more relevant followers.  

That’s how to drive traffic from Facebook!

Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for success. – The Grand Nagus Zek

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