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Why use WordPress

Why Use WordPress for your Website

Many people have asked us what is WordPress, and why use WordPress for your Website.

Here’s a short brief to give you a basic understanding of what you might be buying into for the foreseeable future.

What is WordPress

If you have heard of WordPress, it is worth pointing out what it is and give you an idea of whether you should advocate for it.

A website in general terms is a whole bunch of markup called HTML, and normally pulled together with a language called JScript. In addition, more complicated websites use a database to store and retrieve data that will change over time.

Writing a website using these tools is not rocket science, but unless you’re familiar with these tools, it is very daunting. If you paid for someone to write a bespoke website for you using these tools, the likelihood is you won’t be able to make modifications to it yourself.

This is where other tools like WordPress come in. It is fundamentally what is termed a “Content Management System” or CMS. It is built with the tools previously mentioned, but it gives you a backend administration system so that the less experienced of us can manipulate how it looks, and add more content at will. WordPress is still complicated, but it is a layer of abstraction away from those tools, and for the most a lot easier and faster to modify after the first revision. It gives you access to Rapid Aided Design from the start.

So Why WordPress

There are other similar products out there. And all of them have pros and cons.  Whilst we at Syndicate Solutions do create bespoke systems for industries where technical functionality is focus, for the average website, we don’t shy from recommending the use of WordPress. Not the least of reason is its ubiquity.

According to more than 40% of websites are built using WordPress. Not only is that a good implicit recommendation, but it also means that, if , over time you decide to train yourself in some if not all of WordPress, those skills are transferrable to any new WordPress projects you might do. Or alternatively, it means you could likely find someone to help you change your website sooner, and possibly cheaper.

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